torquere was the journal published by the now extant Canadian Lesbian and Gay Studies Association / Société Canadienne des études Lesbiennes et Gaies. CLGSA was formally constituted as “Learned Society” (SSHRC Congress) in 1994 and ran annual conferences for its members until it disbanded in 2005. Published annually for x years, torquere (University of Calgary Press) sought to publish scholarly and creative work on topics concerning queer aspects of Canada and its social, political, material, and textual culture, or on queer topics outside Canadian Studies by scholars conducting queer research in Canada. A diversity of approaches were included from a wide spectrum of areas including previously unpublished creative writing and visual art by and about Canadian queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people. torquere was particularly interested in work that sought to trouble conventional forms and genres in ways that were innovative and challenging.